Prehistoric Boy Music

Let’s talk about prehistoric Music

Listening to the high hat in this collection of music from the Toysforboys youtube, you might have a hard time associating it with a tribal or prehistoric music.
The closest you get to prehistoric music is more of a drum beat and banging.  WE feel like drums are as close as you can get to prehistoric influences within the music that you create.
Prehistoric music is also known as primitive music and was created prior to history being written down or language being recorded.  Prehistoric precedes ancient music and ancient music can still be found in some isolate places in the world.
Prehistoric music is all music before “history” and includes music of Native American’s and Australian Aborginal music.
No one really knows where music first made it’s presence on this planet.  Some people think it might have just resulted from the observations of naturally occuring sounds and rhythms from crickets, birds….etc and they were just being repeated by humans.   Imagine trying to sing like a bird to lure in some prey for dinner.  Perhaps that where it came from.  It’s a good theory and makes compelte sense.
There are many tribes today that have music that is intended to imitate nature.  Have you ever heard of those whale song compilations?   It’s kind of the same thing.
Making music like nature might have even been an area where early humans competed with one another in a game for entertainment.

More than likely (aside from the drums…and earlier than them for sure) that the human voice was the first musical instrument.  You can click, sing, hum, whistle and cough to make music.

Check out this song :

Ancient tribes ended up using items like wooden pipes and the Digeridoo.

Once writing came into the picture, music then became ancient music rather than prehistoric music.  The first song (that is known) is dated about  3400 years ago.

The ravanahatha is one of the oldest string instruments in the world.




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