Medieval music and then some

Medieval music was interesting. You ever watch robin hood and hear all the diversity of music?

We always associate medieval music with richness, kings and queens, nights and the like.  But during those times, peasants enjoyed music too.

Gregorian Chants came from the medieval times. Here’s an example of a gregorian chant:

This reminds me a lot of The hunchback of Notre Dame.  Creepy…harmonical…but not our style but still valuable because you could add a beat to something like this.. (although not is something different)

The church tried to control and make notable the chants and suppress gregorian chanting.  Polyphonic music was sung during this period of time and notation was brought back after having been absent for over 500 years.   Music was being written down again from the early times so it could be repeated.  Notation on the pitch, however was not invented yet so the music could only be duplicated to a certain extent and still relied on a huge amount of verbal communication.

Polyphony sounds like this:

Boy choirs.

A lot of this type of music is used today as peaceful music to play to sleep to, meditate to or worship to.

Some other types of music during this area were the motet, discant and music from Geisslerlieder which is a group of wanderer music that the church tried to suppress. (see wikipedia for more information)


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