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Music can be found everywhere!  In the past, present and surely in the future music will exist.

Most people listen to music or have some sort of music in their lives, including isolated tribes!

Music may be over 50,000 years old and it is thought to have been invented in Africa and has evolved as humans have dispersed and evolved from the region.

Cultural music is often influenced by all sorts of social and economical experiences and can even include things such as weather.  Music helps one to express mood, emotion, ideas.

Music, much like visual art, develops differently depending on the part of the world where the music is being created.

This blog is intended to discover all types of music and sharing the Toys for Boys Records at the same time.

We hope you like the learning and listening experience.

As artist, we often times do not take a look at the importance of our historical making and at toysforboysrecords.com, we are trying to change that.

Let’s learn and listen about music together!

Check out our video on this post.  See if you can see where there might be some tribal influence within the rhythms.



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