Bible Music

We hope you enjoy the primitive, yet sophisticated beats of this video!  It’s amazing how simple but complex music can be huh?

Let’s talk about Bible Times!  (Ironic since there is a bit of sinister voice in the music we put on this page). What are we saying?

So…according to the Bible a guy name Jubal invented instruments and hebrews are seen as the main makers of music in biblical times.

The first time musci is mentioned in the bibal is in Gensis 31:27 where Laban is interviewed by Jacob.  After the journey through the Red Sea, Moses and a bunch of kids sang a song of deliverance in ex.15.

Even though there are multiple accounts of music in the bible, the most prevelant is during the Hebrew times of Samuel, Solomon and David. It was a part of training for prophets and Solomon’s Temple became a great school of music making and history.

In addition to music in the bible, historians have found that theater and music are linked in the classical cultures of the Greeks, Romans and Hebrews.

A form of prayer called litany is one place where this is seen. Litany by the Hebrews often came with music.

Back to Genesis and Jubal.  Jubal was called the “father of all such as handle the harp and pipe”.

Large choirs and even orchestras are eventually mentioned in the biblical period.

So music from ancient times, developed into religious celebrations and became a huge part of churches and synagogues and still are today.
After the biblical times comes the Roman Empires and times of the AD.   It is now that classical early music begins to develop.
During the time of the Romans into the Baroque period, from the European continent to

Marikina Valley

, music was very diverse dependent on the geographical locations and the cultures it was made in.
Roman Catholicism is responsible for a large amount of music produced and used during this period. 

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